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Emmet County Volunteer Network

 Partner Agreement

 This is a statement of policies regarding the placement and management of volunteers with your agency or organization placed through the Emmet County Volunteer Network. The purpose of this Partner Agreement is to clarify the responsibilities of the Volunteer Network and the Partner Organization. This agreement may be amended at any time by agreement of both parties.

The Volunteer Network of Emmet County will:

1. Provide your staff with orientation to Volunteer Network policy and procedures prior to placement of volunteers and at other times as needed.

2. Accept your specific volunteer requests and promote the needs of your organization.

3. Recruit, register and refer appropriate volunteers for specific assignments.

4. Review volunteer assignments to ensure satisfaction of the volunteer and your organization.

5. Furnish excess automobile liability, accident and personal liability insurance for Volunteer Network volunteers.

The Volunteer Partner will:

1. Request volunteers by filling out the Request for Volunteers form on the Volunteer Network web site and by providing all pertinent information regarding specific assignments including a volunteer job description, allowing adequate time for volunteer recruitment.
2. Make the final decision on the acceptance of a volunteer.
3. Provide volunteers with a position description, orientation, training, and supervision. If a
background check is required, the Partner organization is responsible for conducting the check.
4. Provide the Volunteer Network with a record of volunteers utilized, including the number of hours contributed, after the volunteer task is completed.
5. Provide for adequate safety of volunteers on assignment. Any Volunteer Network
volunteer injury or accident should be reported immediately to the Volunteer Network office.
6. Provide break time, refreshments, meals and mileage reimbursement for the volunteers when appropriate.
7. Acknowledge the Emmet County Volunteer Network and recognize the contributions of Volunteer Network volunteers through publicity, annual reports, recognition events and written acknowledgements.
8. Provide data as needed for the Volunteer Network to measure the outcomes and impact of Volunteer Network volunteer activities.
9. Request volunteers in compliance with Volunteer Network Policies and Procedures including
these guidelines:
               a. Volunteers cannot displace employed workers
               b. Volunteers cannot be excluded from participation or be denied benefits on the grounds of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, political affiliation, or religious belief.
               c. The Volunteer Partner will comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)    regulations.

Additional Information:

You may discontinue using a Volunteer Network volunteer at any time. Similarly, a volunteer may withdraw from a Partner organization at any time. The Volunteer Network does not conduct criminal background checks or reference checks. It is your responsibility to follow through with such screenings if they are deemed necessary by your organization.
You may submit this Partner Agreement electronically or by mail. If you choose to mail it, please sign, date, print and send this agreement to: Emmet County Volunteer Network, c/o RSVP, 300 S. 18th St., Estherville, IA, 51334. Keep a copy for your records. The Volunteer Network will post your volunteer needs once the Partner Agreement is received.